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Agnes Lim
My Journey of Discovery with Porcelain Clay

Fri 27 Oct, 7 pm – 8.30 pm
Enabling Village, Academy Block
, Classroom 3

Agnes Lim shares her learning journey working with porcelain clay. How she learned to set the foundations of her practice and her experience with porcelain clay are unravelled in her Masterclass. Technical knowledge of finding a suitable porcelain clay and building a relationship and constant dialogue with porcelain clay are discussed with demonstrations by the ceramist.

The course leader:
Agnes Lim is a passionate brand creator, artist and ceramist. She apprenticed with Dr Iskandar Jalil in the late nineties during her student days. She worked on selective projects with him between 2002 - 2004, during which she developed her work with porcelain clay. She returned to apprenticeship with Dr Iskandar again in 2011. She has developed a repertoire for methodology and varieties of clay, and now works solely in porcelain. In 2022 she set up her own home studio, a sacred space for creating new work.

Steven Low Thia Khiang pic_edited.jpg

Steven Low
Clay - Rhythms and Distortions
Sat 28 Oct, 2 pm – 3.30 pm
Enabling Village, Academy Block, Classroom 3

Steven Low’s latest Universe series is inspired by the interaction of sound and space. “The birth of the Universe series is because of my love for musical instruments. The sense of rhythm derived from these experiences helps me in creating this series.” How to create artwork as beautiful as rhythm and that has timeless appeal? Explore how to let go of obstacles and emotions to bring renewed interest into the present. Join Steven Low as he shares his creative journey and gain fresh insights to working with ceramics.


The course leader:
Steven Low graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with Distinction in 1996, followed by Bachelor of Fine Arts (Ceramics) from the Curtin University of Technology in 1999. Prominent exposures include Singapore Ceramics Now (2021), Chawan Expo International (2015) and the Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Bienniale (2014). He received the Vermont Studio Centre Fellowship, USA (2009); participated at the 2nd South East Asia Conference and Residency Programme at Fuping International Ceramic Art Museum in Xian, China; and residency and exchange at Tuilerie de Pouligny, France (2015). He was Artisan of the Year awarded by Rotary Club Singapore (2021).


Teo Huey Ling
From Fluid to Form. Slip casting and mould making
Sat 28 Oct, 5 pm – 6.30 pm | SOLD OUT
Enabling Village, Academy Block, Classroom 3

Slip casting is an industrial technical skill used to produce multiple consistent shapes. By adapting it for the artist’s studio, slip casting opens up a realm of possibilities that transcend the constraints of traditional hand-building methods. Teo Huey Ling slip casts beautiful sculptural works in ceramic. In this masterclass she shares much technical know-how, how to use efficient workflows through slip casting, and other creative practice essentials.

The course leader:
Teo Huey Ling’s work includes drawings, contemporary sculptures and art installations. Being tremendously driven by intricate and laborious processes, the artist takes interest in learning and mastering technical skills to uncover the properties of the material she works with. She thinks that her work is the partnership between the material, bonded through sensuous understanding and spontaneous responses. Huey Ling graduated with high distinction in ceramics and drawing from the National Art School, Australia, 2006. She has much experience teaching art at various levels from junior school to tertiary design courses. Her slip casting techniques have been featured in the prestigious Ceramic Monthly magazine (Nov 2019 issue).

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