Shaping Clay - Masterpotters & Clay Makers is a curated group exhibition of made-in-Singapore ceramics by leading potters and ceramists who shape our local clay heritage. Practitioners exhibiting here include invited guests Ahmad Abu Bakar, Chua Soo Kim, Jason  Lim and Jessie Lim. Alongside these masters, 38 professional and amateur studio potters showcase 50 works that represent the breadth of Singapore clay practice. This curated exhibition aims to show the creativity and skill of the large and committed community of potters in Singapore, and to encourage and inspire younger potters.

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The Clay Makers’ Market is a clay art and craft exhibition and sale for everyone. More than 130 potters from 57 studios and potteries in Singapore will exhibit and sell their own clay wares. Pottery lovers will have the opportunity to admire and buy a wide and unique range of 300 - 400 works of clay.


Participants from Enabling Village, Tamar Village and The Art Faculty will be joining us! And look out for our Kid’s Table for younger clay crafters aged 7 - 12 years old.

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Singapore Clay Heritage is an engaging exhibition that expounds on our  clay heritage, showing how objects made of clay harvested locally are intrinsic to our past and present life.   Discover how clay industries including brick-making, the production of rubber tappers’ cups, flower pots and storage vessels crossed over to and became catalysts of  studio potteries where professional and amateur potters create both  functional ware and artistic work. 

In addition, Red - Works from Singapore Clay, an exhibition and sale of works made with locally harvested ‘wild’ clay will be held to raise funds for charity.

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Our clay makers picked up a bag of ‘wild’ Singapore clay, harvested during construction from Singapore’s own Holland Village area.  Part of the Pandan Ridge mentioned in Brian Kemp’s study, this red clay has been tested by potters Chua Soo Kim and Goh Eck Kheng, yielding good results for wheel throwing and hand building techniques. It is not often to be offered a ton of local ‘wild’ clay, so we have asked potters to pay it forward by giving one notable piece made from this clay back to the community, via a charity of our choice.


Their artworks will be exhibited at the Singapore Clay Festival’s exhibition Red - Works from Singapore Clay, paired with the curated feature on Singapore Clay Heritage. And the rest, they say, is history.

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Keynote Talk

Masterpotter Chua Soo Kim

& Professor Anoma Pieris

Unearthing a Heritage - 

Bricks, Dragon Kilns & Studio Potteries

Sat 20 November 2021

3 Masterclasses

Masterpotter Jessie Lim

Hand- Building

Fri 19 November 2021

Masterpotter Ahmad Abu Bakar

Clay & Concept

Fri 19 November 2021

Masterpotter Chua Soo Kim


Sun 21 November 2021

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Get your hands dirty.


Join our adults or children workshops that cater to both seasoned potter and new learner.


Two workshop tracks for adults and children are available.

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